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Cemetery Nestled In The Inner City - Symonds Street Cemetery

Posted on Monday 2nd of January 12:53 AM

This is my very first blog of the year and I thought I would share some information about our new tour location. The Symonds Street Cemetery has long been apart of Auckland City and its link to the founding of our Country. Many are buried there including a large amount of New Zealands  forefathers, people who helped shape the country during the colonial era. 

Among those buried here lies the famous William Hobson, 1st Governor of New Zealand and also co-author of the Treaty of Waitangi. A remarkable treasure trove of history lie in the grounds of the cemetery including a slice of paradise amongst its own self sustaining forestry section beneath the grafton bridge, a bridge famous for it's more sinister side. Reaching tall are a combination of imported and native trees, each over 200 years old and emaining much like it did during the occupation of The Maori people hundreds of years ago.

I could go on and on about this place and I hold it very dear to me being given the opportunity to run our Tours through these grounds. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in feel free to contact us for our Cemetery Tours.

How to end these... Thanks for reading Ghost Friends... Until Next Time..... 

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